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Dec 15, 2017 at 4:05 PM
Feb 20, 2014
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Administrator, Male, from Lithuania

Annoying was last seen:
Dec 15, 2017 at 4:05 PM
    1. Daniel G
      hi Annoying!

      do you know whats going on with dust2 chicago server? it's been down for several minutes now
    2. Idiriz.a
    3. ALVI TIGER ^_^
      Annoying please we want a new server of ugc inferno only...
    4. devdani
      very nice administrator
    5. Danish
      whats ds .. I paid for vip en now it is showing someone banned me
      [ACP Bans] You are permanently banned.
      [ACP Bans] Banned nick : WhySoSerious : )
      [ACP Bans] Reason : ' EHack Detected '
      [ACP Bans] You can complain regarding your ban @
      [ACP Bans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_4 : 0 : 1225348873 '
      [ACP Bans] Your IP : ' '
    6. Mr.Mustafa
      Please unban me I posted my thread
    7. paul_baxter

      i really enjoy being admin and SVIP .. but i want to drop it now
      i send a mail to [email protected] about it but no reply
      i write this on forum page but no reply
      please give me a normal player

      Thank you sir
    8. viktor
      Im Pro !
    9. Gino
      I pay for Admin , now i am Admin but without Admin Rights .
      What is that please????
      1. Danish likes this.
    10. WU420
      Hello Annoying, thank you for your help. I sent you a request through steam. Can you take care of my unban please? Greetz!
    11. [SKuLL] 911
      help me PLEASE
    12. [SKuLL] 911
      help me please
      1. [SKuLL] 911
        [SKuLL] 911
        i have posted a ban appeal in which my ip is banned but the nick is not mine
        Apr 2, 2017
      2. [SKuLL] 911
        [SKuLL] 911
        i have no ss in my cstrike since i was not playing cs and when i opened server it started banned check console
        Apr 2, 2017
      3. [SKuLL] 911
        [SKuLL] 911
        i have never heard of the nick which is attached with my me ...PLEASE
        Apr 2, 2017
    13. vinay
      ACP Bans] You are Banned by admin elnis
      [ACP Bans] You are permanently banned.
      [ACP Bans] Banned from server : UGC.LT | Dust2 Only #1 ( 24/7 ) AWP On ( de_dust2 )
      [ACP Bans] Banned nick : [email protected]
      [ACP Bans] Reason : ' In website '
      [ACP Bans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_4 : 0 : 916725615 '
      [ACP Bans] Your IP : ' '
      banned without any reason ..plz do smthing
      1. Danish likes this.
    14. TeamS
      Good luck
    15. KAMA
      Hi Annoying

      Can you do something pls ?
      [ACP Bans] You are Banned by admin X.e.y.w.a.n.i
      [ACP Bans] Banned from server : UGC | Dust2 #1 24/7 | ( de_dust2_cz )
      [ACP Bans] Banned nick : KAMA
      [ACP Bans] Reason : ' Cytai/ Cheating/ 4uTbI. '
      [ACP Bans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 0 : 35141744 '
      1. Danish likes this.
    16. EKINOX
      Its to easy to send a good video of himself.
      So I want to see if this is the ban Demo he send.
      I'm a mercyful admin I think, and I have lot of friends in this map send me lot of information about equivocal players...
      Thx for your time, do what you think is better.
    17. EKINOX
      You close this post where i cant reply:
      You are sure this is the ban video of the player sending, because during the demo: "I'm not here" so how can ban him ?
      If I ban him, lot of player complain about him so I see his gameplay a long time and when he do a cheat mistake: I BAN
      1. Danish likes this.
    18. Mindaugas21
      Sveikas , čia PacanasLTU kažkuris kvietet į forumą kad uzbaninau kažką 2 kart neteisingai , bet nzn nei kur eit nei kas kvietė kažkoks ( , ) tu manau geriau žinosi:) dėkui už info ir laika.
    19. TerRumtoo--->>>007
      I paid the amount to get unbanned but still I am not able to play.
      My nick is Terrumtoo--->>>007.
      Please help me out.
    20. Legalize
      [ACP Bans] ===============================================
      [ACP Bans] Banned by admin Annoying
      [ACP Bans] You can complain regarding your ban @
      [ACP Bans] Reason: 'Cytai/ Cheating/ 4uTbI.'
      [ACP Bans] Length: 'permanently'
      [ACP Bans] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_5:0:1126553416'
      [ACP Bans] Your IP: ''
      [ACP Bans] ===============================================
      1. Danish likes this.
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