Stolen Accounts/Removed Privileges

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    Hello everybody!

    As you know, we have had a lot of stolen accounts with Admin privileges.
    To be clear...
    It's not UGC responsibility that your account details was stolen! This is only your responsibility!
    (we do not redirect our players to unknown servers).

    What will happen after your account was stolen:
    If any of UGC Mods will note that in any of the servers, playing with stolen nicks with Admin privileges, - straight away we will remove your Admin privileges for admin sharing. (we must to defend other players).
    To avoid account theft please follow by instruction:
    1. Do not play in Unknown servers! Or before entering delete your config.cfg file!
    2. Go to your Counter strike directory, find config.cfg file, and mark it as "Read Only". (as shown in pic)

    3. Update your passwords(More harder):

    Remember!!!! First Point will save you from thiefs about 99%!
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